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Zero Emission House

Nittedal, Norway

2018 - 2020

In 2017 the ambitious owners of Bråtaveien 2 set on the agenda to show that building a zero-emission private house (ZEB-OM) is achievable for middle class couple with children. The two floors, 200sqm compact volume contains a single-family house and a rental unit.

The building is placed in the northern side of the site, maximizing the garden to the south. East-west orientation with its long façade directly towards south, aim to harvest as much solar energy as possible. Both southern roof and façade are covered with PV panels. The second-floor cantilever allow winter sun to penetrate and warm up the concrete thermal mass but keeping unwanted summer sun away. The heart of the house is a 7,5m high, open central winter-garden that unite the house’s rooms both horizontally and vertically.

Section Landscape

A722 snitt B.jpg

Longitudinal section

A721 snitt A.jpg

Cross section

Typology:  Single family house, ZEB

Location:  Nittedal, Norway

Year:  2018 - 2020

Status:  Commission, Completed

Size:  200 m2

Client:  Private

Collaborators:  Asplan Viak, Civitas, Woodcon

Team:  Marco Boella, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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