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Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter (HZA) is an Oslo based practice founded in 2007 by architects Marit Justine Haugen and Dan Zohar.

The practice has established itself in the overlap between architecture, function and art, with a portfolio of national and international projects.


HZA was initiated on the common perception that architecture is by its nature, earthbound, drawn by and for people. In our work we seek the very basic relationship between space and body.

The practice first project was our own living space, drawn and built with our bare hands. The act of building from the very beginning raised our interest in how to build, parallel with the interest in what to build. The practice second project was a self-initiated, long venture for our neighbourhood in Oslo. An electrical supplier was transformed into a community house with shared space for all. The practice third project was an art project for Oslo Sculpture Biennale, introducing a familiar, but a faraway scenario in which 500 empty tents occupied the park surrounding the Vigeland Museum. That installation laid out the most economic type of shelter, on probably the most expansive piece of land in Norway.

These three firstborn projects resonate the main objectives of the practice: The commitment of drawing versatile structures, enhancing social sustainability and create affordable architecture.


We are concerned with political, social and environmental urgencies of contemporary society, and our work aim to translate such urgencies into action in different scales, ranging from; housing, public buildings, parks, meeting places, installations, urban environments and art projects.

Our work has to do with social engagement and participation, it has to do with the environment concerns and the fact that “there is a tomorrow“. Above all, the work has to do with empathy.


HZA has received several architectural awards, among others, The Norwegian Form Award for young architects (2007), The Architectural Review Awards for Emerging Architecture (2009 and 2011), the World Architecture News award 21 for the 21th century (2015) and most recently the Norwegian Architecture Prize 2017.


We make up a group of civic-minded people with high architectural ambitions. We are daily engaged in a broad spectrum of work - from private housing commissions to large-scale public programs, urban design and art. We have a basic attitude that the more responsibility we take on today, the better our lives will be in the future.

Dan Zohar

Partner / Siviliarkitekt MNAL


(+47) 917 69 464

Gudrun 2024.jpg

Gudrun Jona Arinbjarnardottir

Siviliarkitekt MNAL


(+47) 902 71 520

Sophie 2024.jpg

Sophie Dorn

Siviliarkitekt MAA


(+47) 919 07 756

Marit Justine Haugen

Partner / Siviliarkitekt MNAL


(+47) 906 79 147

Johann Magnus Kjartansson

Siviliarkitekt MAA


(+47) 969 13 328


Veronika Ščerbanovská

Siviliarkitekt MNAL


(+47) 966 94 197

aleksandra 2024.jpg

Aleksandra Volfova

Siviliarkitekt MNAL


(+47) 922 09 136

Marco Boella

Siviliarkitekt MNAL


(+47) 463 77 089

frøya 1.jpg


Bachelor i arkitektur BARK


The architecture and building award for Nitja ,  Lillestrøm Norway Winner 2021

The government's award for building quality, Winner, Ålgård Center,

Norway 2019
WAF highly commended  Landscape of the year, Uredd Rest Area, 2018
WAF highly commended,  Small scale housing, U31, 2018

Betongtavlen concrete awards, finalist (1/6), Norway 2018

Oslo bys arkitekturpris, finalist (1/3) & honorable mention, Oslo, Norway 2018

Statens pris for byggekvalitet, finalist (1/6), Norway 2018

Wooden project of the year, Oslo, Norway 2017

Norwegian Architecture Prize, Housing for Youth, Oslo, Norway 2017

WAN AWARDS 21X21, London, UK 2015

The Fine Art Award, Oslo, Norway 2014

Nominated for Iakov Chernikhov International Prize, Moscow 2012

AR Award for emerging architects, RIBA London, UK 2011 

The National Building Award, Honorable mention, Trondheim, Norway 

Project of the year award, Architecture of Israel 2010

AR Award for emerging architects, RIBA LONDON 2009

Young Architects Award, Foundation of Design and Architecture, 2007 

Project of the year award, Architecture of Israel 2007


1 prize - Trekanttomta, Oslo, Norway 2022

1 prize - Christian Krohgs gate 2, Oslo, Norway 2020

1 prize - Tel Aviv Coastal Park, Israel 2016

Purchase - The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway 2016 

1 prize - Art Centre Lillestrøm Norway 2015

1 prize - Art installations for Hamar Centre, Norway 2015

1 prize - Art installation for Akerselven, Oslo, Norway 2015

1 prize - Housing for youth Oslo, U-31 Norway 2014

1 prize - Master plan centre Vestnes, Norway 2014

1 prize - Julius Paltiels memorial park, Trondheim Norway 2013

1 prize - Master plan development of Ålgård, Norway 2013

1 prize - Exhibition design, The Foundation for Design and

               Architecture, Oslo 2013

2 prize - Straume high-rise and square, Straume, Norway, 2013

1 prize - Wildenveys square, Mjøndalen, Norway 2012

1 prize - Ferry landing, Brønnøysund, Norway 2011

1 prize - Art installation for Askøy Hospital, Norway 2011

1 prize - Art installation for Domus Medica, Oslo, Norway 2009

Purchase - Busy Bee, Student Housing, Trondheim 2007

1 prize - Art installation for Halden High School, Norway 2006 

1 prize - Art installation for Oslo National Academy of The Arts 2006

3 prize - Landmark, Architectural competition, Central glass ltd, Japan


Group exhibition, House Viewing, The National Museum of Art - Architecture, Oslo 2018

Group exhibition, X TIL BOLIG , Galleri ROM, Oslo 2018

Group exhibition, Snapshot, Galleri ROM, Oslo 2015

Solo Exhibition, Social Structures, AKS Lillestrøm Norway 2015

Group exhibition, Soft Monuments, KODE Bergen, Norway 2015

Group exhibition, Halele Carol, Bucharest, Romania 2015

The Autumn Exhibition, Oslo Norway 2014

Group exhibition, The Human Parameter, Tel-Aviv Israel 2014

Group exhibition, Small wooden architecture, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2014

Group exhibition, Century of the Child, Vandalurum Sweden 2014

Venice Biennale, Light Houses, Nordic Pavilion 2012

Norweg. Architecture 2005–2010, The National Museum of Art, Oslo 2011

Venice Biennale, People meet in architecture, Nordic Pavilion, 2010

Solo Exhibition, Coal, Kunstbanken Hedmark Kunstsenter, Norway 2010

Solo Exhibition, Buskerud Kunstsenter

Sculpture Biennale, Oslo Norway 2006 & 2008 



Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter

Ivan Bjørndals gt 27
0472 OSLO

tel: (+47) 906 79 147

email: hza[at]

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