Typology:  Exhibition Design

Exhibition name: ARBEID PÅGÅR!  / “Under construction”

Location:  Oslo, Norway

Opening venue: May - October 2014

Status:  Completed

Size:  1000 m2

Client:  DogA – The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture

Collaborators:  Neue design  / Konsis print

Curator: Truls Ramberg

Team:  Ingeborg U. Barlaup, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

Under Construction

"How can scaffolding create a flexible framework for an exhibition?"

Our society is shaped by government construction projects, whether we are talking about roads and paths, fishing ports and regional airports or hospitals and opera buildings.

The Norwegian state has raised thousands of buildings and structures in Norway in recent decades. The intention of the exhibition was to show and raise awareness of what could be described as “everyday architecture”, constructions that most people don’t think of as architecture, such as schools, prisons, hospitals, roundabouts, fishing ports, bridges, landslide ramparts and much more. The exhibition aimed to shed light on selected projects and reveal how the state creates a solid framework for everyday life for most people.


Commissioned by the Norwegian government in collaboration with The Norwegian Foundation for Design and Architecture, the exhibition is the largest held at The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo ever, portraying over 100 Norwegian construction projects.

Photographer: Roberto di Trani

Section Landscape

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