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Wooden Hammocks

Charlottenlund high school, Trondheim, Norway


The task was to provide a design for a "bench" at a high school in Trondheim. The sculpture gives an individual free space but also allows for other spatial variations and connections across the structure, a meeting space.


Wooden Hammocks is made of massive solid Nordic pine. Processing is performed using a 5-axis CNC machine by Snekkeriet in Verdal.

Wooden plates are milled out, then, glued together in layers, anchored with wood screws. The strongest wood ends turned towards the seat where there is the greatest mechanical wear. Holes are sawn out with the jigsaw by hand. The hammocks are sanded with progressively finer paper to get the most easily cleaned surface and treated with linseed oil wax. The intention of the sculpture is to add another dimension to access the hall and invite diverse experiences for youth, both alone and with others.

Fabrication process

Typology:  Art, Installation, Furniture

Location:  Charlottenlund high school, Trondheim, Norway

Year:  2011

Status:  Competition entry, 1nd prize, Built

Size:  >5 m2

Client:  Trondheim County

Collaborators:  Snekkeriet AS

Photos: Marte Garmann

Team:  Avichai Bar, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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