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Voss Sustainable District

Voss, Norway


Lekvemoen - the future of the wooden village in centrum. The proposal preserves the prestigious Sefrak buildings and proposes a low-density wood building strategy to preserve Lekvemoen as the "wooden town" in its historical environment. Closer to Uttrågata and the gas station, a higher density is possible.
  • Enhance the river promenade

  • Introduce a building structure that reinforces views to the river and connections to green spaces and Gymnashaugen.

  • Preserve the older residential buildings in Lekvemoen integrating atmosphere and experienced for a building structure.

  • Make 2-3 story wooden houses in the south, divided into 3 “tun” and 5 river lamellas with internal corridors

  • At the Gas station site, a higher utilization is proposed, 4-5 floors.

  • Parking strategy for the whole area: In new parking basement, in existing parking basements behind commercial buildings and on terrain.

  • Maintain the Sefrak registered Godtemplarhallen from 1902, as a social generator for Lekvemoen

  • Demolish commercial buildings and housing without value.


Aerial view of Lekvemoen


Situation sections


Urban plan


Section river lamellas

The river site

The proposal’s intention is to create urban housing situation by the river bank in an area that currently is inactive. The proposal shows a modern Voss, an innovative and dynamic community with urban qualities that reflects a diverse population.

The site has a strategically important location on the route between Voss city center and Amfi shopping center. The ambition is therefore that the new buildings will be generators for city life and the streetscape at the entrance to Vangen, attract more people and bring them down to the river front.

Overall intentions and strategies:

  • Continuation of the streetscape in Uttrågata

  • Orientation towards the bridge with façade and urban space

  • Link between building and river

  • Maintaining views from Lekvemoengata

  • Creation of an urban river plaza - Vossoplassen

  • Orientation towards the river and existing context

  • Retail in the ground floors as a generator for Vossoplassen


Site plan


Vossoplassen with adjoining proposed housing


Floor plans


Section housing

Split-level apartments with a garden

The split-level apartment is double-story apartment with a surface area of 29m2 and two mezzanines of 12m2 and 4,20m ceiling height. Her the volume is weighed above area that offers flexible use and furnishing, for ever changing life situations such as visiting relatives.

The mezzanine can be used as sleeping alcove and the area under the stairs is utilized for storage. It is also possible to establish a wardrobe on the mezzanine or to use parts of it as an office.

The apartment has large windows which lets in allot of light and kitchen and living room take full advantage of the double high ceiling height. The apartments have direct access to green areas in the garden facing south and west.


Interior of the split-level apartment


Typology:  Urbanism, Housing

Location:  Voss, Norway

Year:  2018

Status:  Competition entry

Size:  28.000 m2

Client:  Voss Eiendom

Collaborators:  Ingeborg U. Barlaup - Fjordfaret Arkitektkontor

Team:  Marco Boella, Vit Gerhard, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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