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Vestnes Harbour

Vestnes, Norway


The main objective of the proposal is to highlight how municipality center at Helland, based on the site's characteristics and needs, may emerge as a concentrated, funtional, attractive and pleasant village by the bay.


Vestnes has a small and dense centrum with small-scale block structures and traces of the old seaside resort. Helland in Vestnes is to be developed and strengthened as; housing center, communications hub, trade center, social hub in the municipality.

The town center

Located in a line of sight towards the fjord, Herman Lemkuhls square is the centre of downtown and an echo of the old docks that previously characterized the shipyard of Vestnes. The water managing leads it to a basin in the square, an attractive and fun item for children and adults.

The Promenade

The Yard

At Kataholmen, we propose a two-story structure, the "yard". The yard is conceived as a flexible and affordable building, which easily can be filled with a variety of activities. For example Kayaking centre with dressing and sauna, diving, sea bath with diving tower, rehearsal rooms for theatre / dance groups, youth club with fitness and activity, and tourist information with office of DENT and a small retail outlet.

Harbour Housing

The new homes at Livneset are designed so that the roofs surface water infiltrate into a teal system. All new buildings are placed high that they will not be affected by rising sea levels or 100year storm. The centre must be planned for experience in all weathers. The lookouts along the walk tours by the fjord provide shelter where the weather can be experienced.

Preliminary Phase Drawings


Typology:  Urbanism

Location:  Vestnes, Norway

Year:  2014

Status:  Parallel Assignment, 1nd prize, On-going

Size:  110.000 m2

Client:  Vestnes Municipality

Collaborators:  Agraff Arkitektur

Team:  Maria Inês Correia, Ingeborg U. Barlaup, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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