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Huseby Skole, Oslo, Norway


Threshold is a playful installation that blurs the lines between inside & outside of the schools playground perimeter and creates a window to the outside world through the colorful glass slats. The slats ensure the same tectonic principle as the wooden noise barrier.

Facing south, the overlapping glass slats create a colorful shadow play on the asphalt that moves like a sundial and offers the ability to educate the children about time, movement and color theory through simple charcoal drawings.

Typology:  Permanent Installation

Location:  Huseby Skole, Oslo, Norway

Year: 2017

Status:  Completed

Size:  >5 m2

Client:  Kulturetaten Oslo

Photographer: Jiri Havran

Team:  Johann Magnus Kjartansson, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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