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Studio for an Artist

Oslo, Norway


An artist bought a house on a beautiful site in Holmlia, Oslo, but he needed also an atelier. The Atelier had to be big enough to experience visual art however small enough to fit the strict regulation limitations.

The new atelier building has two floors. The first floor is partly inserted in to the existing rocky site and contains a rental unit and storage. The second floor is dedicated to atelier. The house consists of a rectangular shape with the external walls as load bearing to avoid columns in the room. Two windows, thought as two images; the sea and the forest, introduce light in the atelier. Additional light is filtered through 5 reused skylight windows in the roof.

The construction is with standard wood construction with stud walls and LVL roof beams to hold the roof without columns. The cladding is maintenance-free densely grown spruce.

Site Plan

Cairns along the path



Facade South

Facade West

Facade North

Facade East

Typology:  Villa, Studio

Location:  Oslo, Norway

Year:  2012

Status:  Commission, Completed

Size:  192 m2

Client:  Henrik Placht

Collaborators:   BA8 AS / Contractor: Kurt Nielsen

Team:  Reidunn Jarrett, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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