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Oslo, Norway


Self Erasing Drawing
"How can urgency be translated into form?"
If you press your ear to the funnel and listen, you’ll hear the continual pouring of sand. At first glance, calm and even running monotonously like a metronome, yet it is an unquiet sound.

Unbounded by any particular reference to time or space, the installation focuses on the merciless action of time running out. Time left.The funnel contains 1.4m3 off bright sea sand. The sand is slowly running out of the end creating a growing pile for every second that pass. A funnel of sand is poured out while exposing the installation to an audience. Then the funnel is filled again, to a new countdown.

Typology:  Art, Installation

Event:  The Norwegian Sculpture Biennale 2008

Location:  Oslo, Norway

Year:  2008

Size:  D 0.9  H 1.2m 

Materials:  Sea-sand, polycarbonate, coal from a burned house.

Artist:  Marit Justine Haugen

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