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Saving Oseberg
The Viking Ship Museum

Bygdøy, Oslo, Norway


The proposal is inspired by the Wheeler-Kenyon-archeological excavation technique, a grid whose size is defined by the existing museum, is superimposed on the site thus providing a flexible but clear framework for defining museum logistics, building volumes and the landscape itself.

The gridlines provide open paths for the public through the site, regardless of opening hours, and allows the museum to connect to the adjacent Folkemuseum on two borders. Architecturally we aim to create a museum that offer contemporary and modern spaces suited for displaying and experiencing the Viking era. A variety of exhibition spaces, all connected through a figure-eight loop through the old and the new building, provide an inspirational environment for education and museum learning.

Main entrance situation showing relationship between the old museum and the new addition.

Landscape plan

The roofscape garden becomes an attraction in and of itself.

Organization of program


Plan - Ground Floor

Interior situation

Birds-eye view

Typology:  Cultural, Transformation

Location:  Bygdøy, Oslo, Norway

Year:  2015

Status:  Competition entry, Purchased

Size:  11.000 m2

Client:  Statsbygg


Thea Kvamme Hartmann, Florian Kosche Dipl.-Ing., Donatas Grinius

Team:  Tora Arctander, Ingeborg U. Barlaup, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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