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Sandvika River Promenade

Sandvika, Bærum, Norway


The new river promenade forms a nearly half kilometer-long line along the Sandvik River. The promenade is a 6m wide dock, programmatically divided into 2 levels, for making the river more accessible. Tailor-made furniture is richly spread and an unique Sandvika lantern make the promenade sparkle.

The upper promenade consists of the shared streets Brambaniveien covered with a dark stone parquet. Flowering and leafy perennials are planted around the abundant Town Hall garden. The green areas between the upper and lower promenade contains rare and Oslo fjord plants. The new promenades, streets and squares have been created for Sandvika to become a new tourist town in the Oslo Fjord.


Typology:  Urban Design

Location:  Sandvika, Norway

Year:  2019

Status:  Commission, Completed

Size:  5 acres, 450m long

Client:  Bærum Kommune

Collaborators:  Dronninga Landskap, Zenisk lysdesign, Structor

Photographer:  Tomasz Majewski

Team:  Marco Boella, Marit Justine Haugen

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