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Norwegian Sea Rescue Campus

Horten, Norway


In 2017, The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society (RS) moved into their new and upgraded facilities at Noatun, taking the firsts steps towards becoming one of the leading hubs in Europe for maritime safety.

The second phase of the project aims to complete the campus and strengthen the framework for professional development and relation to academia, and not least, strengthen RS’s identity and raise public awareness. 


The aim of the feasibility study has been to find synergies and internal co-dependencies  at the organization as well as study the architectural potentials in a broad and open perceptive.

1930 RST_campus plan_NTM_AC25.jpg
The Campus
  • Complete the campus with good physical and spatial qualities, by introducing buildings and open spaces that harmonizes with the existing architecture.

  • Establish a flow pattern throughout the campus with focus on the pedestrians

  • Strengthen internal logistics and flexible co-dependent spaces

  • Improve accessibility and public awareness with focus on inclusive architecture

  • Preserve and incorporate surrounding green structures / paths​

Typology:  Educational, Cultural, Commercial

Location:  Horten, Norway

Year:  2020

Status:  Feasibility study

Size:  70.000 m2

Client:  The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society (RS)

Collaborators:  Signal

Team:  Dan Zohar, Johann Magnus Kjartansson, Marit Justine Haugen, Marco Boella, Vit Gerhard

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