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RS Noatun Office 

Horten, Norway


The new headquarters for the Norwegian Sea Rescue is a vital part of the expansion happening at RS Noatun. The new office building will establish a platform for a modern workplace in a post-pandemic world with focus on flexibility and diversity.

Planning a contemporary workplace requires a deep understanding of the processes and demands of the building and its users. It introduces a responsive design that accommodates these requirements. The new office building was initiated with, an extensive early-stage design phase , conducted in co-operation with an external consultant that entailed interviews and data-driven analysis.


The building is located south of the existing main building at Noatun and works in synergy with that. The main entrances of the two buildings are facing each other and together they form the operative division at RS Noatun.

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North Facade


Cross section

Typology:  Office 

Location:  Horten, Norway

Year:  2022-2023

Status:  Under construction

Size:  2273 m2

Client:  The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society (RS)

Collaborators:  Betonmast, Zinc

Contractor:  Betonmast

Team: Johann Magnus Kjartansson, Aleksandra Volfova, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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