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St. Maries Plass, Sarpsborg, Norway


The river Glomma is physically presence in the cityscape of Sarpsborg. The art project intention is to both reflect on the historical lines linking the city to the river, and point forward, by giving a modern answer to all the users of the square.


The main idea of Riverscape is to design a new riverbed, which have diverse qualities and can create activity throughout the year. The name Riverscape comes from the intention to create an experience that not only relate to a point or an object, but rather a stretch, both within the park's boundaries and as a green finish of the central pedestrian zone. Riverscape can be read as a metaphor for the river's cultural and historical role in the city. The project emphasizes the river's importance by playing out its rich archive of form and life.

The pedestrian city - From hard to green

The intention of the proposal is to create a place downtown that offers qualities all year round. The water is used as a main element in the art project, but the riverbed works independently also in the cold season, when the water is turned off. 40 nozzles with varied heights, integrated with lighting and fog nozzles, creates a lively and playful space for people of all ages.

In spring and autumn, the water is turned off and the riverbed will contain water from rainfall. The concrete landscape fits for play and skaters in spring and autumn.

Sitting on a bench, just jogging through, lying in the grass or playing with the water.

In winter the inner pool is filled with water and act as a small ice pond for the children.

The lake-pond takes on new forms with water quantity and the seasons.

In summer, the space will attract children and families. Water ponds and water splashes are located along most of the riverbed. Sometimes a day will mist from nozzles create an extraordinary and magical atmosphere.

Typology:  Park, Landscape

Location:  St. Maries Plass, Sarpsborg, Norway

Year:  2015

Status:  Competition entry

Size:  1000 m2

Client:  Sarpsborg Municipality

Collaborators:  Marco Boella

Team:  Tora Arctander, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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