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Strandgateparken, Hamar, Norway


The individual sculpture serves as a place to stay, perhaps as a personal free space, but when more are placed together they also allow for other spatial variations and connections across the structure, a meeting place. An asymmetric shape, where one side opens and the other is pinched together at the top, provides two very different ways of sitting in each pinecone.


Our chosen location is one that gives the installation an added quality since it serves as a link between the surrounding areas, the square, the playground, the park and the cafe. The small site was intended for a small orchard to be enjoyed by everyone. A beautiful idea that inspired us to think of both baskets used to harvest fruit and of the pinecones lying all over the forests that surround Hamar.

The playful bench

The 'Pinecones' are spread out through the park in realation to trees.

Detail drawing of the Pincone

Typology:  Park Furniture, Landscape, Art

Location:  Strandgateparken, Hamar, Norway

Year:  2015 - 

Status:  Competition entry, 1st prize, On-going

Client:  Hamar Kommune

Collaborators:  Snekkeriet As

Team:  Tora Arctander, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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