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A mobile pop-up installation

Various schoolyards in Buskerud municipality, Norway


PIKSEL takes students on a creative journey into a colorful world that hides within a picture. The installation can be perceived as a forest of colors one can get lost in, touch it and gaze at from above. Through this interactive experience, the students will have an encounter with contemporary art.

The installation's intention is to manifest two different perceptions of the same object, in this case; top down and bottom up, inspiring the students to perceive and understand art. After assembling the installation together, the students can roam around the installation and experience the spatial and visual impact of it in the context of their schoolyard. Thereafter, a birds-eye view from a drone unveils the picture that the pixels make up, streamed directly to their smartphones.


PIKSEL fits into a normal sized van after disassmbly and arrives at the schoolyard with its curators. The students get a short introduction and are divided into teams, each responsible for each element in the installation - they assemble the installation within an hour. At last the installation is photographed and filmed with a drone and the students finally realise what they have created together.

File to production

The installation utilizes parametric design tool Grasshopper 3D that transforms Andy Warhol's famous halftone portrait of Marylin Monroe into the installation by using a limited set of rules. The installation can change over time as the algorithm can convert any photo into a new unique installation, reusing the building parts each time.

Plan and facade of the installation set-up

Isometric view of the elements

Typology:  Mobile installation, Art

Location:  Various schoolyards in Buskerud municipality, Norway

Period: April - December 2018

Status:  Completed

Size:  100 m2

Client:  Den Kulturelle Skolesekken Buskerud, Buskerud Kunstsenter

Team:  Johann Magnus Kjartansson, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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