Ørnes 2050

Ørnes, Norway


The parallel assignment for center development of the Coastal City of Ørnes has two main ambitions: First, to revitalize the town center in an era of growing e-commerce. Secondly, to develop a set of linear activity hubs along the municipality.

The current city center suffers from neglectance and shortage of visitors and young residents. The project rethinks the city center through different interventions, such as cross generations programs, new square, parks and building transformations.

The linear coastal town

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Promenade along the old harbour

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Recreational center

Ørnes sentrum

Masterplan Ørnes centrum

Cross section Ørnes centrum

Sustainable housing for youth

The existing elderly center is transformed into sustainable housing for youth who wish to live closer to the town center

The town hall park

The town square

The town square faces the sea and introduce a new multipurpose building that offers cross generation activities and services to the whole community

Typology:  Urbanism

Location:  Ørnes, Norway

Year:  2019

Status:  Parallel Assignment, On-going

Size:  200.000 m2

Client:  Meløy Kommune

Collaborators:  White Architects

Team:  Johann Magnus Kjartansson, Marit Justine Haugen

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