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Madland harbour, Varhaug, Norway


Rest area and toilet structure
Madland Havn_Skisseprosjekt_4.jpg

The outer skin of the toilet structure entails a custom made facade cladding made from recycled local fishing nets. The cladding is designed and made in collaboration with Nordic Comfort Products with support from Innovation Norway. This introduces a new approach of contextualizing architecture by using recycles local materials that come from the very ocean Madland harbour harnesses.

The rest area is situated on a plateu with panorama view of the vast boulder beaches of Varhaug.

fas TB S.jpg
fas TB V.jpg
200525_01 Forprosjekt_compressed_page-00

Facade South

Facade West

Facade details

The panoramic view from the plateu at sunrise

Storm cabin

The aim of the storm cabin is to create shelter from the harsh elements at Madland where the view of the thrilling waves that hammer the harbour moles is the main attraction. The building draws reference from the typical fishing shed with open end glazed gable towards the sea.

SH ex 01.jpg
fas SH V.jpg

Facade West


Facade East

File 13-05-2020, 17 24 43.jpeg

Facade detail

snitt SH.jpg

Section East

SH in 01.jpg

From withing the sheltered space of the storm cabin one can sit back, relax and observe the clashing waves from the North Atlantic Occean.

Typology:  Service, Landscape

Location:  Madland harbour, Varhaug, Norway

Year:  2020

Status: Under construction 

Size:  2000 m2

Client:  Statens Veivesen, Norwegian Scenic Route


Team:  Dan Zohar, Johann Magnus Kjartansson, Marit Justine Haugen, Vit Gerhard

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