Lillestrøm City Park

Typology:  Park, Landscape

Location:  Lillestrøm, Norway

Year:  2015

Status:  Comission after 1st prize winning entry for Art Centre, On-going

Size:  4000 m2

Client:  Skedsmo Municipality

Collaborators:  Thea Kvamme Hartmann Snøhetta (landscape), COWI, Union Consult

Team:  Tora Arctander, Johann Magnus Kjartansson Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

"How can park and art be weaved together into a seamless experience" 

Today we are mostly wireless and communicate without hearing each other's voices. Meanwhile, our social

mechanisms are similar to those of 2,000 years ago; we need belonging, friction, identity and pride of being a citizen in your own city. To facilitate places where encounters between people can take place is the architects and planners Raison d'être. To achieve that the project strives for humor, quality and sustainable innovation while enhancing good spatial experience for the public.


Overall vision for the proposed park is introducing an innovative and unique urban park in Kirkegata 10 + 12. The park will set Lillestrøm map and generate affiliation, activity, prosperity, attraction, and not least, strengthen and revitalize an already existing arts and cultural programs in Kirkegata. The city park will through form and materials reflect the city's identity and forward thinking, and are one of downtown's new attractions. The city park will emerge as new and different urban spaces in Lillestrøm, while it should be safe and inclusive.


Lillestrøm is in the middle of an important urban development process. There are strategically efforts done to provide the inhabitants of the region exciting and innovative workplaces with a qualitative, generous and tolerant city environment for young and old. The city is a hub for regional trains, airport train and bus and great recreational areas.

Something for everyone
The people is attraction number one.

Main Concept

The city park is made up of geometric shapes inspired by the footprint of the new art centre. These geometric shapes have become a tool for structuring various activities and materials in the park. The structure generates a tissue, a comprehensive quilt where each of the fields is programmed. The structure walkways create safe flow between Kirkegata and Jonas Lies gate, as well as secondary paths through the site.

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