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Horn Ferry Landing

Horn, Brønnøysund / Norway


The project`s main objective is to reorganize the ferry boat logistics, parking and pedestrian paths into a node, offering variety of facilities both for daily workers and travellers, while accentuate existing qualities in the landscape.

The main facility is located along a dominant natural stone cliff, consisting of a continuous curved wall defining spaces and activities on each side. Light weighted and durable building materials characterize the traditional coastline architecture of Norway. The objective is to create a structure that provides the qualities of a tent, shelter from wind and rain, yet introduce spatial qualities in the meeting with the cliff, the sea and the view. Openings in the wall frame landscape highlights of the surrounding, suggesting the site as a starting point for various activities. Laser scan of the mountain gives millimetre precision for modelling the structure. CNC milled wooden frame construction is the primary construction. Insulated, translucent, tensile structure is hocked on the primer wooden construction, enclosing warm spaces. 

Model studies of geometry and structure

Facade South

Facade North

Facade West

Facade East

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20120131_0806_Horn_ARK detaljfase_Page_10
20120131_0806_Horn_ARK detaljfase_Page_09
20120131_0806_Horn_ARK detaljfase_Page_07
20120131_0806_Horn_ARK detaljfase_Page_06
20120131_0806_Horn_ARK detaljfase_Page_08
20120131_0806_Horn_ARK detaljfase_Page_05
20120131_0806_Horn_ARK detaljfase_Page_04

Typology:  Cultural, Commercial, Landscape

Location:  Horn, Brønnøysund / Norway

Year:  2010

Status:  Competition entry, 1nd prize, On-going

Size:  3000 m2

Client:  Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Collaborators:  Dronninga Landskap, Florian Kosche, SWECO

Team:  Marit Justine Haugen, Espen Bærheim, Dan Zohar

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