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Hauklandstrand Visitor Center

Hauklandstrand, Lofoten, Norway


The project intends to reinforce the natural qualities of Haukland Beach by applying a humble, beautiful attraction for the public, local visitors and tourists. Furthermore, the project will provide a functional traffic and parking solution for the place with the least possible impact on the landscape.


Landscape and nature experience is magnificent at this location. The aim is to introduce a functional and inviting visitor centre as a good starting point for outdoor adventures, hiking, sea activities and general use, not just for the beach, but to the entire area.

The building concept is based on an inviting shape that caters equally to the area's spectacular views. The circular building volume is designed to provide a response that is simple yet inviting, which ensure varied zones for outdoor living.

The articulation of the building form and facades provides visitors from or to a walk, a place to stay, shade for the wind and a beautiful view.

Outdoor wooden deck in Kebony offers a verity of places to stay

The building has plenty of glass facades providing great panoramic experiences from within.

The outdoor deck becomes an attraction of itself

Typology:  Cultural, Commercial, Landscape

Location:  Hauklandstrand, Lofoten, Norway

Year:  2016

Status:  Competition entry

Size:  300 m2

Client:  National Tourist Routes in Norway

Team:  Tora Arctander, Johann Magnus Kjartansson, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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