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Intergenerational Kindergarten


This feasibility study into expanding and developing the traditional kindergarten. The aim is to develop a new kindergarten concept, Generasjonshagen, with activities offered to all generations in the local community.

The organization and design of the prototype for Generasjonshagen is based on an analysis of the common spaces in a traditional kindergarten. The traditional kindergarten already contains many of the spatial qualities for socializing, but with a somewhat isolated focus on the scale of the children. Generasjonshagen restructures and adapts the institution's comman spaces with focus on togetherness and cooperation across generations. The architecture bridges the gap across generations in its working hours, as well as introducing multifunctional sollutions that allows for sharing of facilities after hours to the local community. Generasjonshagen thereby becomes a new destination and a social resource in the local community.


Greenhouse where generations grow

Program synergies

The activity room is an example of a multifunctional space that can be used during daytime by the kindergarten and borrowed out to a local activity group in the evening.​

The Common Spaces

The heart of the Intergenerational Kindergarten consists of an enclave of common spaces that all support each other and have a flexibility of being open or closed off from one another. These spaces all share the ability of being able to open up to the local community after hours.

08 Felleskjøkken.jpg

Shared kitchen with direct access to greenhouse

Typology studies

A thorough investigation was conducted, to explore possible typologies and how the intergenerational kindergarten could thrive within it. This is important both to visualize the potential in different contextual scenarios, as well as seeking out a candidate for the prototype.

10 Uterom.jpg

The playground

04 Base.jpg

Active facade defines the interior of the gable spaces

01 Avdeling A fellesrom.jpg

Group rooms with high ceilings and extended play area in a loft landscape


Typology:  Educational

Location:  Prototype

Year:  2020

Status:  Feasability Study

Size:  1000 m2

Client:  Trivselslaben AS

Team:  Johann Magnus Kjartansson, Marit Justine Haugen

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