Flesefossen Rest Area

Flesefossen, Brattlandsdalen, Norway


The majestic Flesefossen is the latest intervention along the Ryfylke Norwegian Scenic route. Flesefossen is located along Rv 13 along Bratlandsdalen in Ryfylke. The new rest area introduces an open, spine-like structure that filters views and creates a permeable boundary between the road and the waterfall.


The curvy layout offers vistas, sitting possibilities and a service building. Parking space and seating groups in the terrain are also part of this intervention, inviting visitors down to the riverside. Built in steel and timber, the curved structure emphasizes the erosive forces that has been designing this valley for thousands of years.


Site plan

Flesefossen Rest Area

Information and seating integrated in the structure

Facade facing waterfall

Facade facing road

Facade South

Facade West

Facade details

The structure offers a variety of seating and viewing areas  

Various sections throughout the structure

Model studies

Typology:  Service, Landscape

Location:  Flesefossen, Brattlandsdalen, Norway

Year:  2020

Status: Detail phase

Size:  1000 m2

Client:  Statens Veivesen, Norwegian Scenic Route

Collaborators:  Degree of Freedom, Sweco

Team:  Dan Zohar, Marco Boella, Marit Justine Haugen, Vit Gerhard

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