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Fireplace for Children

Trondheim, Norway

2008 - 2009

'There is no bad weather, only bad clothing' is a popular saying among people in Trondheim, Norway, and this fireplace was apparently designed to support this local wisdom. The practice was invited by the city’s authorities to design a special outdoor area for one of the town’s kindergartens, helping to support year-round outdoor activities for children.


Together with the standard playground facilities we wished to combine an enclosed space for fire, storytelling and playing. Given a very limited budget, reusing leftover materials from a nearby construction site was a starting point that led the design to be based on short wooden pieces. Inspired by the Norwegian turf huts and old log construction, a wooden construction was built and mounted on a lighted and brushed concrete base. The structure is made of 80-layered circles of varying radiuses, laid on top of each other to form a secretive, welcoming nook. Every circle is made out of 28 pieces of naturally impregnated core of pine that are placed with varied spaces to assure chimney effect and natural light.

Section Landscape

Cairns along the path

Typology:  Architectural installation, Social

Location:  Trondheim, Norway

Year:  2008 - 2009

Status:  Competition entry, 1st prize, Completed

Size:  20 m2

Client:  Trondheim Municipality

Collaborators:  Ran Ankori

Team:  Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

Photos: Jason Havenraas and Unni Skogvoll

Awards:  Trondheims Byggeskikkspris 2010, AR Awards 2009, Project of the year 2010

Purchase:  The National Museum in Oslo, permanent exhibition

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