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Diamond for Elderly

Oslo, Norway


The project, Diamond for Elderly is a winning entry in a competition for upgrading an outdoor space and two electrical suppliers in a healthcare center for people suffering from dementia. The project intention was to transform the supplier’s old concrete walls into a jewel, a diamond, giving a focal point to the space, which the user could relate to as a steady though ever-changing reference.


Since dementia is a condition that impacts one’s memory and other sensory related functions that many of us may take for granted, this project can provide a healthy experience for patients suffering from the condition and a rewarding experience for visitors and other users at the center. The main concrete supplier is situated in the middle of an outdoor patio enclosed by three stories high entrance space and patients rooms. The design is based on 300x300mm module; Injection molded Polycarbonate tiles.

Typology:  Architecture, Art, Transformation


Year:  2012

Status:  1st prize, Invited Competition, Completed

Size:  20 m2

Client:  Askøy Municipality

Collaborators:  Plasto AS

Photograph: Jan Lillebø & Bjarte Bjørkum

Team:  Marit Justine Haugen, Espen Bærheim, Dan Zohar

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