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New Horizons Brekstad

Brekstad, Norway


Our proposals seek to amplify Brekstad's unique identity as a coastal town: The idea is to centralise urban life - the town hall, and the cultural, business and retail sectors - around the ferry landing and town square.

That means that citizens can walk or cycle to most features in the local area, using public transport only when they need to travel further afield, e.g. taking the ferry to Trondheim.

Since the 1990s the municipal authority has been working towards a vision, where functions, such as the town hall and cultural institutions, are moved to the waterfront area. The proposals for a new master plan take this vision further in the same direction.

The landscape and coastline of Brekstad is teeming with birds and protected under the terms of the international Ramsar Convention. These unique features should be emphasised as characteristic of the town and we seek to preserve them right in the heart of the town by means of fertile green belts between housing and e.g. a waterfront promenade and bicycle paths along the coast. The new structure of the town will be designed so that buildings get plenty of daylight while providing protection from icy winds blowing in from the sea, to ensure that Brekstad provides as warm and attractive an urban environment as possible.

Brekstad urban plan

Brekstad urban plan

Brekstad market

Fru Ingers Plass

Brekstad green housing
Brekstad kayak housing

The Green Courtyard

The Blue Courtyard

The old dairy factory park

Recycled plastic bottle pavillion

Recycled plastic bottle pavillion

Recycled plastic bottle pavillion

A hangout for the younger generation in the recycled plastic bottle pavillion

Recycled plastic bottle pavillion

Section through the Dairy park

The Art Mole & The Harbour bath

Brekstad art mole
Brekstad art mole
Brekstad harbor bath. Brekstad havnebad

Typology:  Urbanism

Location:  Brekstad, Norway

Year:  2013

Status:  Parallel Assignment, Proposal

Size:  300.000 m2

Client:  Ørland Municipality

Collaborators:  C.F Møller, Dronning Landskape, TØI

Team:  Ingeborg U. Barlaup, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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