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Vestre Toten, Norway


After our original fireplace for children (2008) made from recycled wood cut-offs reached the end of its lifespan, we were approached by Trondheim authorities to reuse its concrete foundation as a base for a new enclosure.


The "nest" is an enclosure for outdoor activities that can be used all year round, a place to gather the children in a circle, tell stories around the fireplace, or create self-made artifacts and exhibit them.
The structure is inspired by traditional Norwegian fence-making and basket-weaving techniques. Wooden frames are mounted to the existing concrete foundation creating the structure for wooden Aspen slats, -woven around it. This creates not only a soft lean for the concrete bench but also a scaffolding for climbing plants or crafted artifacts inviting the children to co-create the structure.


Typology:  Architectural installation, Social

Location:  Trondheim, Norway

Year:  2023

Status: Completed

Size:  20 m2

Client:  Trondheim Municipality

Collaborators:  Snekkeriet AS

Team:  Sophie Dorn, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar,

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