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Ålesund, Norway




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1. The plot has a height difference of approx. 5 meters

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2. Traffic in Borgundvegen creates noise pollution within the plot

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3. The surrounding streets are not connected to the plot and creates barriers 

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4. Strong wind from the south-west

5. Nice view to the sea and the Sunnmørsalpene

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analyse 6.jpg

6. Surrounding buildings are of different heights
and scale


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1. Terrain adaptation

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2. Buildings create a noise barrier

grep 3.jpg

3. Devision for the flow through the plot

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4. Tunhus are introduced and creates good urban spaces

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5. Maintain sight lines towards the sea and the Sunnmørsalpene

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6. Downscaling of building volume in relation to the  surrounding buildings

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Modularity to ensure a high degree of flexibility

8 m x 14 m

Houses are planned in a grid system that is suitable for standard dimensions in moderate sizes. The dimensioning provides opportunities  for the use of low-emission materials that are healthy and durable, such as solid wood and glulam


Adjustable grid system (7,8x14)​

  • Ensures good daylight conditions

  • Makes room for the technical core and guides in the housing core

  • Enables the use of solid wood and glulam

  • Ensures efficient erection of buildings


  • Allows for varied housing sizes

  • Larger housing mixed with smaller housing

  • Allows for neighborhoods composed across several generations

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Typology:  Urbanism

Location:  Ålesund, Norway

Year:  2024


Size:  21 800 m2

Client:  Moa Vest Eiendom AS

Team:  Gudrun Jona Arinbjarnardottir, Aleksandra Volfova,  Vit Gerhard,

Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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