Typology:  Service, Landscape

Location:  Ureddplassen, Gildeskål, Norway

Year:  2018

Status: Completed

Size:  2000 m2

Client:  Statens Veivesen, Norwegian Scenic Route

Collaborators:  Landskapsfabrikken (landscape), K. Apeland (engineer)

Team:  Tora Arctander, Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

"How can form emphasize nature by defining a clear concrete edge?"

Ureddplassen along Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten is frequently visited both by tourists and residents.

In the winter there is hardly a more beautiful place to admire Aurora Borealis and the same goes for the midnight sun in the summer.

The existing site is redesigned to satisfy the Scenic Route project requirements of architectural quality as well as services to the public.

The new project reveals a redesign of the memorial monument “Uredd” along with a new concrete viewing terrace, seating benches in the characteristic marble from Fauske and a toilet building. An amphitheater enabling a unique view leads down to the beach area.

Photographers: Steinar Skaar & Lars Grismby

The site

The most important qualities and characteristics of Uredd resting place are the view to the north and the midnight sun. The view to the fjord is magnificent, facing the mountain summits as well towards the vast open ocean.

The war memorial for the submarine “Uredd” is an important, existing element on site which gave it its identity and name: Ureddplassen, which in Norwegian means a fearless place.


The planned rest area consists of a large poured concrete terrace facing the sea. From the concrete terrace, an amphitheater rolls down to the shoreline, making the shoreline accessible. On the terrace a toilet is established, built with a concrete ceiling that waves up from the terrace's surface.


Facade East

Facade North

The Uredd monument is re-established on the terrace and rebuilt with new marble plinth. The amphitheater is built of prefabricated steps mounted on a cast-concrete slab. The view from the steps is unique. Between the terrace and county road 17, the asphalt surface is re-established for parking. Existing vegetation and pebble shoreline will be handled gently and protected or moved during construction and later re-established. Landscape work and vegetation is an important part of the architectural quality of the place and will be performed with care and precision.

Detail Plan

Detail Section West

Detail Section North


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