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Our public spaces are part of our public identity and cultural consciousness. They are symbols in the landscape in which we share ownership. The public spaces exist for and by the people, and they are our physical and mental comfort zones. No Comment is a disruption of such a comfort zone.

The work introduces a familiar, but a faraway scenario in which 500 empty white tents are pitched in the park surrounding the Vigeland Museum. The tents are made of white plastic drapes and are reused by Norwegian Red Cross for humanitarian purposes. No Comment locates the most economic protection-shelter available on a piece of land that undoubtedly ranks among the most expensive lots in Norway.

No Comment

Oslo, Norway


Typology:  Art, Installation

Event:  The Norwegian Sculpture Biennale 2006

Location:  Oslo, Norway

Year:  2006

Status:  Competition entry, 1st prize, Completed

Size:  500 tents - 5000 m2

Collaborators:  Family and friends

Photos: Anders Bergersen

Team:  Marit Justine Haugen, Dan Zohar

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