N E W S    2 0 1 6

- HZA is featured in NRK TV Serie "Arkitektenens hjem" https://tv.nrk.no/serie/arkitektens-hjem/MKTF74000216/sesong-2/episode-2 

- HZA art installation " From smog to fog" recieved 1. pris. 

Client: Kulturetaten Oslo

- 27/01 - HZA´s Julius Paltiels Park was inaugurated on The International Holocaust remembrance day. http://www.nrk.no/trondelag/her-er-julius-paltiels-plass-apnet-1.12175088

Team HZA / Agraff is prequalified to compete on purposals for Trondheims TMV site. The main goal is to design an attractive urban space as an entrance to city.

- Dan Zohar is diploma critic at NTNU,  The Norwegian university of Science and Technology,Trondheim 

- HZA  is prequalified to compete on the 1000 year anniversary Park in Sarpsborg 

- Marit Justine Haugen is elected as one of five members of the plan council group for Bærum Municipality https://www.baerum.kommune.no/Forsidenyheter/Planradsgruppe-for-Fornebu/

- Kickstart for AKS - 1. prize winning entry for Akershus Art Center

- Marit Justine Haugens installation COAL received the Fineart Prize in Høstutstillingen 2014 (The Autumn Exhibition Oslo)  http://høstutstillingen.no/kunstpriser-2014/

- Dan Zohar talks at WILDWOOD / Oslo - young architects for forward-looking wooden architecture http://www.arkitektur.no/temakveld-wildwood-unge-arkitekter-for-en-fremtidsrettet-trearkitektur

- Dan Zohar holds a lecture at the city hall of Oslo in connection with the award of Oslo's Architecture Prize 2014 http://www.plan-og-bygningsetaten.oslo.kommune.no/om_plan_og_bygningsetaten/radet_for_byarkitektur/article285001-8026.html


- Dan Zohar talks at Forum Holzbau Nordic 14 in Trondheim, at http://forumholzbau-nordic.com/

-  Marit Justine Haugens installation COAL exhibited in the HØSTUTSTILLINGEN 2014

- Dan Zohar talks at BUILT GREEN! in Tel Aviv


- HZAs Fireplace for Children is purchased by the National Museum Collection of architecture


- 1. Prize for Lillestrøm Art Centre




- HZA invited to talk at Forum Holzbau Nordic 14 in Trondheim, at http://forumholzbau-nordic.com/, 24-26 september 

-  Marit Justine Haugen is speaking in the conference "Climate for Innovation?" in Oslo http://www.futurebuilt.no/4-og-5-juni-futurebuilt2014

- HZA exhibition architects for "WORK IN PROGRESS" at DogA - the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Opening 10. juni at 17:00, Welcome! http://designogarkitektur.no/nyhet/spektakulær-utstilling-åpner-på-doga-norsk-design-og-arkitektursenter

Kickstart for regulation plan for 1. prize winning entry for Vestnes commuity centre competition

- Marit Justine Haugen is this year member of The National Wood Prize 2014

- Two works from HZA published in Philip Jodidios "Small Architecture Now!"

HZA shortlisted for the international competition for July 22 Memorial Sites in Trondheim

- Dan Zohar is diploma critic at AHO, The School of Architecture & Design , Oslo 2014

- HZA participating in the exhibition "Barnets Århundre", Vandalorum, Sweden, http://www.vandalorum.se/sv/barnets-århundrade-nordisk-design-för-barn-1900-till-idag


- Marit Justine Haugens installation COAL is featured in the last edition of ArkitekturN

- HZA is one of the key note speakers in the conference "Climate for Innovation?" in Oslo http://www.futurebuilt.no/4-og-5-juni-futurebuilt2014


- Kickstart for regulation plan for 1. prize winning entry for  housing project in Furuset

-  Team HZA / C.F. Møller / Dronninga Landskap / Sweco is prequalified to compete on a new building for the University of Oslo, 66.700 m2 

- HZAs Dan Zohar is one of the key note speakers in Conference of Emerging Norwegian Architects, at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest - MNAC.http://e-zeppelin.ro/en/contemporary-norwegian-architecture-in-bucharest/

-  HZAs Ingeborg Ulvund Barlaup speaks about development of the coastal city Brekstad at the arrangment Brød og Miljø 05.03 http://www.futurebuilt.no/fb-arrangement3


- HZA deliver competition for memorial sites for the terror attacks 22. july. http://www.nrk.no/kultur/anmeldelse_-et-sted-a-minnes-1.11566525

- HZA is prequalified to compete in architectural competition for a new Akershus Art Centre in Lillestrøm

- We welcome stud. arch. Vit Gerhard to our team


- 1. Prize for developing the community centre Helland in Vestnes municipality, with a focus on the waterfront.http://www.rbnett.no/nyheter/article8829271.ece#1

- HZA participate in the exhibition "1900- The Century of the Child", Designmuseum Denmark & Designmuseet in Helsinki 2014

- HZAs Marit Justine Haugen is diploma critic at AHO, The School of Architecture & Design , Oslo 2014


- 1. Prize for housing project in Furuset



1. Prize: Team HZA + CF Møller + Dronninga Landskap wins the parallel assignment for Ålgård Centre http://www.hza.no/page.php?pid=49

1. Prize: HZA wins limited competition for exhibition architecture, an exhibition collaboration between Norsk Form and building government agencies. "Hverdagsarkitektur", opening venue June 2014


1. Prize in prequalified  architecture Competition for Julius Paltiels Park, 2013  trondheim

- HZA shortlisted for the international competition for July 22 Memorial Sites. The Committee received 300 submissions from 46 countries. http://www.arkitektur.no/tre-arkitekter-med-i-22-juli-konkurransen

- Haugen`s work Coal is exhibited in  the exhibition The Unbearable Richness of Grey, at the NOoSPHERE ART Gallery in NYC. Opnening  4th October. http://www.no-in-nyc.org/past_events

HZAs project "Transformation to a Common House" is featured in Arkitektur N october Issue


- Team HZA + CF. Møller delivers parallell assignment for The Norwegian coastal town Brekstad in Trondheim Fjord. The town has just appointed to pilot the government initiative "Future settlements " to support role models for sustainable growth in the Norwegian villages.



- HZA participates in Young Nordic Architecture, exhibition opening 15/10 at the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design

- M.sc architect Ingeborg Ulvund Barlaup has joind our team. Welcome! 

- HZA exhibition architects for A Hungry Planet, Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo. Opening Venue 27.september. http://www.nobelpeacecenter.org/arrangementer/utstillingsapning/


- Team HZA + AGRAFF are prequalified to compete on developing the community centre Helland in Vestnes municipality, with a focus on the waterfront.


- HZA is prequalified to compete for housing project in Furuseth, Initiator: FutureBuilt http://www.arkitektur.no/prekvalifisering-boligkonkurranse

-HZA is part of a team prequalified to participate in the parallell assignment of  revitalize Brekstad City in Ørland municipality. Team: Dronninga Landskap / C.F Møller Oslo/ HZA 


HZA is seleced for exhibition architects for A Hungry Planet, Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo. Opening venue September 26th 2013. http://www.nobelpeacecenter.org/exhibitions/hungry-planet/

- Wildenveys Park is out on tender http://www.hza.no/page.php?pid=47



- HZAs Wooden Cocoons are completed in Trondheim

- The office newly completed solid-timber houses, House for Sister and Brother, participate in "OSLO ÅPNE HUS" http://www.osloåpnehus.no/

- HZA is invited to exhibit at The Museum of Finnish Architecture, Young Nordic Architecture,  Opening Venue 5 June, closing  22 September 2013. http://www.mfa.fi/comingexhibitions

- HZAs Marit Justine Haugen is diploma critic at AHO, The School of Architecture & Design , Oslo 2013/2014

- HZAs Dan Zohar is diploma critic at NTNU, The Norwegian university of Science and Technology,Trondheim 2013/2014

- HZA lectures At The Norwegian Student Society, 3/5 Chateau Neuf, Oslo. "Making More with Less"

- HZA is transforming a "Trønderbarn" into a brewery



Studio Placht,  Studio for an Artist, Oslo is completed


- HZAs Marit Justine Haugen leads a workshop at Einar Granum Kunstfagskole, Oslo "Landmark" 

Horn Ferrylanding in Brønnøysund is out on tender. Construction starts summer 2013

- m.sc architect Ines Correia has joind our team. Welcome! 



Transformation of a barn in Lommedalen is completed, project leader and master of all carpenters: Michael Dyke 

- HZAs Dan Zohar leads a workshop in the first israeli FabLab / Fabrication Laboratory  "Make Ornament Not Crime" / The Collage og Managment, Tel Aviv 

Prototype of a handcasted facade element is completed. The facade studies is a part of Vindern Diakonhjemmets facadeproject



 - HZAs Marit Justine Haugen comments on the diploma works: http://www.arkitektnytt.no/lite-populisme-lite-ego-lite-pafunn

- Close but no cigar. 2nd prize in Straume. Team: HZA/ Dronninga Landskap / schmidt hammer lassen architects DK / Zenisk AS / Sweco AS /Vista Analyse AS.  

- HZA in Teknisk Ukeblad: http://www.tu.no/bygg/2013/01/19/lager-turisttarn-av-gamle-dorer

- House for Sister and Brother is featured in Aftenposten: http://www.aftenposten.no/bolig/Ragnhild-Maries-hus-er-bygget-uten-en-spiker--7115697.html



- HZAs Marit Justine Haugen is this year diploma critic at AHO, The School of Architecture & Design , Oslo

 - HZA is part of a team prequalified to participate in the parallell assignment of  revitalize Ålgård Centre. Team: Dronninga Landskap / C.F Møller Oslo/ HZA 

- HZA is one of 5 finalists in an open idea competition for Middelalderparken in Oslohttp://www.byfabrikken.no/parkunderlag/



- HZAs Dan Zohar is one of the key note speakers in The 3rd Israeli Annual Green Building Conference,  Tel Aviv, Category S. 


HZA is one out 30 teams prequalified for competition for Julius Paltiels Park in Trondheim. http://www.adressa.no/nyheter/trondheim/article1125248.ece?act=readDebate


- HZAs transformation of a loft apartment featured in Dagbladet, http://www.dagbladet.no/2012/11/20/tema/klikk/arkitektur/bolig/24470936/



- Our vision for Sørenga bridge in Oslo is under consultation at the City Council. http://www.osloby.no/Vil-ha-skatepark-pa-motorveien-7026425.html

- Reuse does not contradict holding paste with technology, nor does it contradict innovation. We believe in second hand processes simply because it makes us happy.  Dan Zohar is invited to hold lecture at the Danish Architectural Association, Who is Happy?

- The roof is dry in Studio Placht. The ceremony `Topping out` is a ceremony held when the last beam is placed at the top of a building. We are celebrating with Family Placht and contractors, carpenters and craftsmen with food and bear. 

- HZA is part of a team prequalified to participate in the competition to design a 3.000 m2 urban square and three buildings in central Straume, Norway. Team: Dronninga Landskap Oslo, schmidt hammer lassen architects DK , Zenisk AS, Sweco AS & Vista Analyse AS.  http://www.arkitektur.no/?nid=241835

- HZAs Diamond for Elderly Featured in BT. Photograph: Jan Lillebø, http://www.bt.no/bolig/Forandringens-kunst-2775835.html



- HZA is exhibition architect for Design without Borders at DogA. The exhibition shows how designers contribute to social change in developing countries.

Welcome to the opening on Thursday 20 September, at 18:00. Dance group X-Ray kicks off the exhibition, and there will be talks by government representative Heikki Holmås and Norsk Form.


- Sitting cocoons for Charlottenlund High School in Trondheim are under production, mounting in October



- Venice Biennale 2012, Official Opening of the Nordic Pavillion Exhibition on August 27th, Official Opening of The Biennale on August 29th. http://www.mfa.fi/28

- House for Sister and Brother in Oslo completed
- House in Jar completed
- Studio for Artist Holmlia, construction starts
- HZA is nominated for the Iakov Chernikhov International Prize “Challenge of the Time” 2012. 

The Iakov Chernikhov International Foundation (ICIF)

“The Iakov Chernikhov International Prize was created to stimulate creativity in the field of architecture aimed at solving current social and cultural problems; to confirm humanistic principles in the art of architecture and also to support experimental, educational and research works in the field of innovative architecture and town planning.” 


- Kickstart for collection of doors to the Tower Project on Bleik Harbour, Andøya.

- HZAs Dan Zohar lectures in Stockholm. SpothlightOn, at the Architecture Gallery FFAR, http://www.spotlighton.se/

HZAs Marit Justine Haugen is invited to write in Arkitektnytt. http://www.arkitektnytt.no/befri-oss-fra-arkitekttegnet-moteplasser

L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui (AA) France invites HZA to the special issue on current stakes in ecology and sustainable development. Marit Justine Haugens sculpture, Self Erasable Drawing is featured. 



- HZA is proud to be back in Venice and participate in the 13th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale 2012, directed by David Chipperfield and titled Common Ground. 


The Nordic exhibition is entitled ”LIGHTHOUSES: The Nordic Common Ground,” with participation of selected architects from Norway, Finland and Sweden - and curated by Peter MacKeith , Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Architecture at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Washington University in St. Louis, and a member of the Finnish Cultural Institute-New York advisory board. Organizing institution is The Museum of Finnish Architecture. 

Opening in Venice from 29th August through 25th November 2012 (Preview on August 27th-28th). 

- HZA is invited to take part in The Architecture Exhibition 40 X 40  in  Tel - Aviv, opening venue 15.05 at the The Architecture Gallery, Yaffo, Tel -Aviv. Welcome. 

- HZAs Marit Justine Haugen is this semester diploma critic at AHO, The School of Architecture & Design , Oslo

- HZAs Marit Justine Haugen received the National Artist Grant for 2012

- The upgrading of the Bleik Harbour is approved. The project is moving on to detail phase. 

- HZA is invited to transform the Vestfossen Kapell into a kayak making workshop and studio

- Cave for Kids featured in Green Source Magazine, USA

- Cave for Kids featured in a+u, Architecture & Urbanism, Japan



- HZA exhibit in Galleri Rake, Trondheim. Opening venue Friday 23rd Mars.


- HZAs Dan Zohar  lectures at Dokkhuset, Trondheim. "Who is happy"?  Friday 22nd Mars


-HZA and team shortlisted for the "Transformation of Kvadraturen" Oslo. HZA, Reiulf Ramstad Architects, Erling Dokk Holm and "Pikene på Broen" teamed up for the DNB NOR Savings Band Foundation competition.


- HZA lectures at Technion, The Israeli Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.

- HZA lectures at AHO, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo

- HZA is invited to talk in Stockholm as a part of a new lectures serie, SpothlightOn, at the Architecture Gallery FFAR, http://www.spotlighton.se/

- HZA is invited to compete against three nordic teams on a pocket park in Stockholm

- HZA welcomes Architect Andrea Pinochet to our team. She has a master of Structural Engineering from Spain and background from the Cooper Union School of Architecture, NYC 

- Studio for Artist in Holmelia Oslo has been approved. Construction start in April 2012



- HZA is guest lecture at AHO, mastercourses.

- HZA is seleced for exhibition architects for Design without Borders, at DogA, Oslo. Opening venue September 5th 2012.

- Marit Justine Haugen is teaching at Einar Granum Art School, Oslo

- Detalj phase for Horn Ferry Landing is beeing approved. Building start soon!

- HZA delivers sketch phase for Helgelandsskysten Nord - Uredd

- HZA delivers preliminary phase plan for Bleik Havn, Andøya



- HZA are guest critics at  the Architecture Faculty, Tel Aviv

- HZA is invited to exhibit at Gallery Rake, Trondheim, opening March 23.03



N E W S    2 0 1 1


- 2. prize in AR + D Awards for Emerging Architecture. 300 projects from all over the world. Opening venue at RIBA, Royal Institute of British Architects london 24. November

- 1. Prize in the invited competition of Wildenveys Plass, Nedre Eiker Kommue.

-Cave for children is published in Arkitektur N

-HZA is competing against Snøhetta in lightening the Bridge of Mjøndalen


-HZA is invited to the exhibition 40X40 in Tel Aviv, opening January 2012

-Sivilarkitekt Reidunn Jarrett joins our team. Welcome!


-HZA is invited to be part of the panel in Herreros Arquitectos Exhibition project "The Banquet". 08th 19:00- 21:00, at ROM for kunst og arkitektur.


- "Utfordrerutstillingen" - opens at Friday 23th at 18:00, Vulkan Oslo

- HZA delivers sketch phase for Helgelandsskysten Nord - Uredd


- Stud.arch Avihay Bar from Tel Aviv and stud.arch Wakiko Fukuda from Tokyo has joined our project team. Welcome!

- Cave for children in Trondheim is under construction

- Garden for elderly in Askøy is under construction

- Two dwellings in Oslo is under construction

- Sketch project for a new Tourist Road project has started. Site: Helgelandsskysten Nord.

- HZA is invited to participate in the Performance Festival in Hamar Kunstbank with the theme Reconciliation


- Visit from MoMA New York. Curator Margot Weller is visiting HZA as one of selected Norwegian Architectural practices.

- Horn Ferrylanding is featured in Helgeland Blad


-HZA is invited to a new Turistroad Project at Helgelandsskysten Nord, a collaboration with landscape architect Inge Dahlman.

- HZA is invited to exhibit in the Architecture Festival of Oslo, kick off 24.September


- HZA is represented in the exhibition SPOR- Norwegian Architecture 2005-2010, 06.may - 21. August, National Museum in Oslo. Opening venue thursday 05.05.



- HZA is represented in the exhibition BLURRING BOUNDARIES - The Globalization Effect, Tel Aviv & Tokyo. Opening 04.04, Exhibition Grounds, Tel Aviv Pavillion 10


- HZA is invited to present own works at the Røros Symposium - The International Celebration of Architecture 2011, 29. April - 1. May


- Preliminary drawings for Bleik Harbor, Andøya, Norway are excepted. Final drawing phase has started.

- Lightning sculpture for Domus Medica is under production



- HZA invited to give a talk at NAL`s Academy saminar: 20X11: 20 arkitekter X 11 minutter


- HZA delivers final drawings for Horn Ferry Landing, Brønnøysund, Norway - HZA delivers preliminary drawings for Bleik Harbor, Andøya, Norway -HZA lecture at The Østfold Architecture Association -HZA invited to exhibit in Tel- Aviv and Tokyo / Blurring Boundaries 2011 - Excavation start: two dwellings in Oslo / Client: Privat

- Marit Justine Haugen is teaching at the Einar Granum School of Art, Workshop "A Self-Portrait", mars- april


- HZA invited to a limited facade design competition in Porsgrun, Norway


- HZA invited to a limited garden design competition in Bodø, Norway

- HZA invited to exhibit at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norwegian Contemporary Architecture 2005 -2010

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