How can we create spaces of quality from leftover materials?


Skjermveien Kindergarten

Client: Trondheim Municipality

Trondheim, Norway     Completed 2009                                                                 

Prizes: Trondheims Byggeskikkspris 2010, AR Awards 2009, Project of the year 2010


Reuse does not contradict holding paste with technology, nor does it contradict innovation. We believe in second hand processes simply because is makes us happy. 


Together with the standard playground facilities we wished to combine an enclosed space for fire, storytelling and playing.  Given a very limited budget, reusing leftover materials from a nearby construction site was a starting point that led the design to be based on short wooden pieces. Inspired by the Norwegian turf huts and old log construction, a 5,2x4,5 meters wooden construction was built and mounted on a lighted and brushed concrete base. The structure is made of 80-layered circles. The circles have varied radiuses and relative centre point in relation to each other. Every circle is made out of 28 pieces of naturally impregnated core of pine that are placed with varied spaces to assure chimney effect and natural  light. Oak separators differentiate vertically between the pine pieces to assure airflow allowing easy drying of the pine pieces. A double curved sliding door was designed for locking the structure.


Photos: Jason Havenraas and Unni Skogvoll

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